Aberrations are soul-eating monsters in human form.

Creation Edit

The exact process used to create an aberration has not yet been revealed. However, it involves implanting a captured reaper's soul into the body of a fetus with reaper genetics. The reaper must not have a servant, and if the fetus does not have both copies of the reaper gene the process will simply cause it to miscarry.

Shadow Edit

Each aberration has a psychic manifestation of their power known as their shadow. The shadow can extend outward from the aberration's body as a flexible mass of a specific color. The shadow can be used like a set of limbs to pick up objects and even walk, and it will reflexively block any physical attack against its owner. It is nearly impossible to break through even a weak shadow without the use of soul power backing up an attack.

Aberration Powers Edit

Aberrations always develop one of a number of specific powers. Each of these powers gives some ability to kill humans and consume their souls. For example, the power of Domination (Geoffrey's power) allows the aberration to consume a human soul and then take control of the body and use its senses. As more souls are consumed, the aberration's ability and shadow will both become more powerful. In order to use an aberration power, the aberration must deliberately will their power to work while in an overall happy state of mind.

Aberration Bone Items Edit

If an aberration is killed, an Integrator can use their bones to create a device that will grant a human or servant the powers of an aberration. This will grant access to the aberration's power along with both manual and automatic use of the shadow. However, it does not grant the ability to see reapers, the user's psychology will not change making use of the power more difficult, and the item can only be removed once equipped by severing the point of contact which is extremely inconvenient for a human, who cannot regenerate.

Psychology Edit

Aberrations are naturally morbid, curious about new sensations and extremely cheerful. They are often particularly curious about pain, and being unable to generally inflict it on themselves they frequently torture humans as surrogates. Because they do not tend to be easily scared or depressed, being happy enough to use their power while in combat is usually easy. While aberrations can but hurt or killed by anything that penetrates their shadow and cannot regenerate or resurrect themselves, they generally do not mind the new sensation of pain.

Known Aberrations: Edit

Name: Power: Status:
Geoffrey Domination Deceased
Ibai Teleportation Alive
Reever Invisibility Unknown
Unknown Singularity Deceased
Unknown Black Fire Unknown
Unknown Glass Unknown