"Deluded zealotry, believing in absolute madness. And the ones who fight them aren’t much better."
Abolish redirects here. For the two sub-factions who follow the Abolish Faith and fight against Vanguard together, see Dozer Abolish and Morgunov Abolish.
The Abolish faith is the central religion followed by members of both of the two Abolish factions.

Theology Edit

The precise details of Abolish theology are fairly simple. All souls are created by the Void, which is a living, sapient entity that fills the role of a god, and are expected to return once the bodies they inhabit die. Reapers were created by the Void in order to collect the souls of humans.

Role of Reapers Edit

Reapers are expected to ferry souls into the Void, which claims them when they are passed on. If a reaper is virtuous as the values of Abolish define it, they will be rewarded when they in turn depart to rejoin the Void. However, they will be punished if they misbehave, such as by interfering with the actions of Abolish, abandoning their sacred duty to ferry souls or killing themselves before the work of ferrying souls is complete. It may not be explicitly stated, but it is also expected that any Abolish reaper will also take a servant and use them to support Abolish's goals.

Mandate of Omnicide Edit

Because the reapers and servants of Abolish wish to go on to the promised afterlife but are not allowed to kill themselves while humans still live, die and need to be ferried to into the Void, they seek to permanently remove the need for themselves by killing every servant, reaper and human outside of their religion, at which time they will be free to kill themseves and go on to paradise. If a servant or reaper dies doing the holy work of fighting to destroy humanity, they will be allowed to go on, so members aren't generally afraid to die before the end of humanity so long as they do so in Abolish's name. Their objectives put them in direct opposition with Vanguard, the stated objective of which is to protect humanity from all threat, and which in practice tends to amount to just protecting humans from Abolish and working to destroy it.

Old Law Edit

Despite their belief that eventually all reapers must die just like all humans, Abolish follows the Old Law, an agreement between them, Vanguard and an unknown number of other groups promising that they will not hurt neutral reapers without servants. This makes sense, since Abolish believes in the ferrying of dead souls, which most reapers do, especially when they don't have servants to look after.

When Abolish began experimenting with the creation of aberrations, many neutrals and Vanguardians took it as a violation of the Old Law, since aberrations could not be kept under control and would sometimes kill reapers solely for their own amusement. By promising safety from aberrations, Vanguard was able to secure a massive number of new recruits.