"I’d heard that you could make metal, but this is just embarrassing to witness. You call yourself a materialization user? Allow me to demonstrate how one truly uses materialization."
―Andres Geth
Andres Geth was a member of the Atreya task force.

Description Edit

Andres was a lanky man who wore his dark red hair slicked back. His face was tan with a greasy sheen to it.

Personality Edit

He seemed to have more restraint that some members of the task force, but less than others. He was occasionally frustrated by Nola's wanton killing but only because he knew that it would irritate Conall and Tessa, who were in charge of controlling the media and keeping the Abolish servants out of the news as much as possible.

History Edit

Andres was sent to Atreya with seven other servants to take control of the country and start a war with neighboring Rendon. He first met Hector during his kidnapping of King William, where he attempted to stop Hector from leaving with the king. While he was not able to defeat Hector and Lynn together, he slowed them long enough for Karkash to arrive and fight.

He was present at the Battle of Rathmore's Gate, where he was killed along with all of the other Abolish servants except Karkash and Desmond.