Atreya is a small country bordered by Rendon, Lorent and Kahm. It is the home country of Hector and most of his allies and the country that most of the story has taken place in so far, including all of it until the Eighth Oath, Rain and Sand.

Politics Edit

Atreya appears to be a constitutional monarchy, which is currently headed by Queen Helen. Though she has tremendous power within the system, she is unable to do certain things such as imprison or execute citizens without trial or charges. A number of other things are very inconvenient to do due to simple inertia, such as replacing large numbers of government employees even if she knows them to be corrupt.

Political Importance Edit

Atreya is a small and relatively weak country compared to many of the others near it. It is also presently in a very precarious situation because Prince Luther was able to give away much of the nation's treasury to Desmond Grantier while simultaneously borrowing vast sums from a number of powerful and volatile neighbors.

History Edit

Little has been revealed about the history of Atreya beyond that it has been a monarchy for several generations.

Currency Edit

Atreya's main currency is the Atreyan Troa. It is likely not used anywhere else considering its use of Atreyan royalty on its design and Atreya's relative unimportance.

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