"Within the next twenty-four hours I... the Darksteel Soldier, as you call me... will annihilate... the town of Harold... in its entirety... If you do not wish to die... then I suggest... you leave now"
―Hector's recording
Harold is a town in Atreya, which Abolish intended to destroy in order to provoke a war.

Planned Destruction Edit

In order to start a war, the Abolish task force in Atreya decided that they would destroy the town or Harold and ensure that all footage of the incident seemed to implicate Rendon in their actions. In order for this to happen, they planned on sending five of the remaining seven Servants to destroy the town so that they could keep everything under control. In particular, they needed Karkash to destroy electronics with his power so that footage of the attack would not be uploaded via civilian cell phones. This was seen as a small risk, since in theory nobody except them knew when they would be leaving, and it would only be for a few days.

Hector's Response Edit

When Hector heard from Gina that the town was going to be destroyed, he was frustrated by the knowledge that he couldn't take on five servants by himself and would get killed if he tried. However, he then realized that he could leverage his own infamy as the Darksteel Soldier to evacuate the town. as soon as the other servants left to attack the town, he released a recorded message threatening the destruction of the town and telling everyone that they should leave it if they do not wish to die. At the same time, he put in motion a plan to kidnap King William Belgrant.