Black holes is an unofficial name for an aberration power, the proper name of which has not been revealed.

Effect and Growth Edit

A user of black holes creates a point is space which behaves somewhat similar to a black hole. It will draw nearby matter towards itself and destroy anything it touches utterly, like a Materialization user annihilating their element. As the user's power grows, they will presumably be able to create more and/or stronger black holes. Unlike a true black hole, the singularities created by a user of aberration black holes are stable, do not naturally move and produce no Hawking radiation. When the user stops, the singularity simply vanishes, leaving nothing of the original mass behind.

Feeding Mechanism Edit

Presumably, if a human or reaper is drawn into the black hole their soul will be consumed. However, this has not been officially confirmed in-story or by Frost.

Trivia Edit

Octavia Redwater is the only character shown using black holes, via an aberration bone sword. Supposedly, the aberration who was killed to make it became so powerful that Sermung had to personally show up to fight it. Sanko was also present during that fight, although it is uncertain how many other Vanguard members were also present.