• SteveNeiman

    What We Need II

    February 1, 2016 by SteveNeiman

    The things that the wiki currently needs are

    • Pages for any major characters who don't have them yet
    • Pages for smaller factions (like the Vagrant Lords) and subfactions of the major ones.
    • Pages on major battles and other events

    If these are dealt with, lower priorities include

    • Pages for minor characters
    • Splitting of certain pages such as the page for Servant powers into separate pages for each of the six types

    If these are generally dealt with, you aren't sure how to do any of them or you can't find a starting place, everything on the wanted pages section except template:clr and template:tocright (which I can't figure out how to remove from the list) needs to be made at some point.

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  • SteveNeiman

    What we need I

    December 21, 2015 by SteveNeiman

    At this time, the following things are needed on the wiki. If you are looking for a place to help this is somewhere to start, but if you have something to add to the wiki not on this list, go ahead.

    - Pages for all major characters.

    -- Pages for everyone on the TZK Characters page, if anyone is really bored.

    - Pages for all aberration and servant ability types.

    -- Pages for hyperstates and other notable things relating to powers.

    - Pages for major factions, preferably cross-referenced with important members.

    - A template for creating pagequotes.

    - The background from the TZK site.

    - Advice on a uniform discussion/speculation section.

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