Chergoa is the reaper of Emiliana and sister of Garovel.

Personality Edit

Chergoa is a joker. Rarely serious she delights in telling jokes and messing around. She is very lighthearted retaining the same attitude in bad situations. However she is capable of being serious when she needs to and is willing to dole out support to Emiliana when she needs it without a word. Chergoa is also a good person at heart and tries to do good when she can such as getting her previous servants to open up a orphanage and dig a well for a village.

History Edit

Chergoa was born in Exoltha when it was still untouched by war. After becoming a reaper Chergoa stayed with her brother for a while but often took break from him. There last one being about 400-500 years ago and unlike the times beforehand this splitting up was done on bad terms. She was getting her servant to open up a orphanage when Garovel coldly told her that it would be of no use and that it didn't matter. Garovel was very cynical after being betrayed by his servant and split with her without making plans to meet up again.A long time later she met Axiolis while getting her servant to dig a well for a village going through a drought. This made a favorable impression on Axiolis and they kept in touch throughout the years with Axiolis hounding her to join the Vanguard. Eventually she gave in and decided to join. Axiolis put her in contact with the Elroys who after a year of correspondence to make sure she was okay paired her up with Emiliana.