"I’ll do anything. You understand that, kid? There are only two lives that matter to me, and mine ain’t one of them."
Colt is a servant from Atreya

Description Edit

Colt has slicked back hair and a professional style of dress. He grew a beard when he was hiding.

Personality Edit

Colt is a harsh and ruthless man. He is willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. Originally Colt was a good man who wanted to do good in the world joining the military and even the cops later when he felt he wasn't doing anything to help people. However after a while he became disillusioned with his work and gave up. He cares deeply for his two children Thomas and Stephanie and will do anything for them. When they were held hostage Colt did several despicable things for them. They are the only two people in the world he cares about.

History Edit

In his youth Colt had a desire to do good and to that end joined that military. However when he came to realize that military wasn't the place for him and instead joined the police. After a few years Colt came to believe that his efforts were futile and he would never do any good. Colt eventually had two children with a woman who became mentally unstable. She tried to kill the kids in their crib but Colt stopped her and beat her up. When his case went to court Colt knew they were going to take the kids away from him and possibly put him away on charges due to the circumstances not favoring him. Joseph Rofal offered to help as long as he would do his dirty work for him and Colt agreed, but Joseph was eventually able to gain control of Colt's children and use them as leverage.

Later, Hector tried to protect someone Rofal wanted dead, forcing Colt to kill him. He later discovered Hector's servant status and agreed to help him stage a rescue of Colt's children, during which Hector first encountered Geoffrey and killed Joseph Rofal before being forced to retreat by Geoffrey.

After Geoffrey took control of the Rofal syndicate, Colt led him on a long chase to buy time while Hector evacuated his children, then fired a rocket launcher at Geoffrey when caught. This did not hurt Geoffrey but did force him to drop Colt into the water where he drowned and could not be Dominated. Bohwanox then offered to make him his servant, giving him another chance to be a father for his children in exchange for protecting Bohwanox from threats like aberrations.

Abilities Edit

Colt is a destruction type whose ability manifests itself as a rhombus. Colt ability has not develpoed much only being able to get crack a car window. However he is very skilled in hand to hand combat and guns. He went toe to toe with Hector despite having little experience with his servant powers at the time. He also helped in the killing of a reaper-less Stoker and managed to destroy his head.