Diego Redwater is the servant of Yangéra.

Description Edit

Diego Redwater is a man with curly red hair in his early 30's.

Personality Edit

Diego is chatty and cocky with a very casual demeanor. However, he still fights fiercely when he has to.

History Edit

Diego was Red Lake Castle when Melchor attempted to kidnap the Elroy children. He held him of along with Joana Cortes and Dimas Sebolt although he was eventually defeated and captured.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Diego is considered to be the eleventh strongest rainlord. He is very skilled in combat, capable of taking on Melchor in combat in conjunction with Joana and Dimas. His ability is nitrogen transfiguration. With it Diego has been shown creating two things liquid nitrogen and nitroglycerin. Both of these creations are soul empowered and tough enough to damage Melchor. Diego is capable of Pan-Forma and can control it well.