"Dozer is the true vessel of the Void’s will and power. There is no competing with him."
Dozer is one of the four Servant Emperors, and leader of Dozer Abolish. Little is known about him at this point.

Description Edit

Dozer's reaper has allowed him to age considerably, to the point that he is physically old.

Personality Edit

Dozer is fanatically devoted to the ideals and beliefs of the Abolish Faith, and believes himself to be more or less the Void's prophet. Despite this seeming delusion, he is a shrewd tactician who has been able to keep the Vanguard at bay and his half of Abolish under his control for over 200 years.

History Edit

Outside of the fact that he rose through the ranks of Abolish little has been revealed about Dozer's history. He may have founded Abolish or simply taken over when the last leader died or resigned.

There is a country called Dozer, which has been confirmed to have been named after him. His reasons for creating a country are currently unknown.

Power Edit

Nothing has been revealed about Dozer's power at this time.