Dunehall or Raml'Hahl in Valgan is a castle in Moaban belonging to the Najir Family.


The castle belongs to the Najir family but the head of the family Asad stays in Kuros instead. His brother and sister also live with him. As they are not there the castle was put in the hands of a lesser lord.

Shards of the Dry GodEdit

Within Dunehall are the Shards Of The Dry God hidden in plain sight. The Shards had been stolen before so the shards were instead hidden until people forgot about them. However after Garovel demonstrated knowledge of them they were likely to be relocated. The attack on Dunehall however prevented this.

Attack on DunehallEdit

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Abolish used their invisible Aberrations to attack the Sandlords. They stationed several Aberrations with the Invisibility ability and put them with Servants.The operation was very high priority it seemed as Caster, the Marauder of Calthos, and Ivan, the Salesman of Death both attacked as well as several other high level servants. Dunehall was all but destroyed in the attack. However, due to clever distraction by Hector and the unexpected intervention of Abbas Saqqaf, the attack was ultimately thwarted and Ivan was captured.

Housing the Rainlords Edit

After the Rainlords skirmishes with the Vanguard they required a new base of operations. Asad invited them to Dunhall so as to protect them. As he did this without notifying the other Sandlords this posed a great risk. During the attack on Dunehall the Rainlords helped defend the castle and many of them died in the battle.