Dunstan Rofal is a Lance Corporal of the Seventh Watcher’s Unit under General Lawrence.

Description Edit

Dunstan is a young man of around 20 years old. He has the same hair, eyes, and eyebrows as the rest of his family.

Personality Edit

Dunstan is a very apathetic person. Serious and disciplined, he is not easily annoyed or excited and resists Rezameer's attempts to make him show emotion. Dunstan hates his family and ran away to avoid being swept up in their criminal lifestyle. He appeared to be somewhat more emotive in his younger years. However over the years he seems to have stopped caring about his life thinking to himself that he wouldn't care too much if his reaper released him. Dunstan appears to be loyal to the vanguard despite Reza's protests and goes along with their orders even if he doesn't agree with them such as the attack on the Elroys.

History Edit

Dunstan ran away from the Rofal Family when he was 15. When he was 17 he was killed by wolves and revived by Reza. He joined the vanguard shortly after and trained for four years under Lawrence's unit. He was eventually chosen to participate in the attack on the Elroys.

Powers Edit

Dunstan is a transfiguration user whose element is krypton. Although this element is not chemically reactive limiting his versatility it does allow him not to worry about causing reactions with an enemy transfiguration user. He is capable of controlling the temperature of his element to the point of burning Cisco and freezing his head. Dunstan is also good at hand-to-hand combat and took down Francisco Elroy in close quarters combat. He is very agile capable of changing direction in mid-air to kick of a wall and rocket in to Cisco.