Eleg is the planet that zombie knight takes place in.

Description Edit

Eleg is a world with three known continents. One is Eloa and on the other side of the world Exoltha. Exoltha is a continent that has been ravaged by war and now is surrounded in an endless dark storm. Underneath the surface lies the Undercrust a servant civilization which has caves big enough to house cities and not be picked up on rader as anything less than tiny blips on a map. The third continent is Ardora which has not been seen or talked about yet.

Eleg's mass, composition and atmosphere seem to be very similar to that on earth. This has not been directl confirmed, but humans with similar if not identical biology to real ones seem to be roughly as well adapted to surviving as they are on Earth.

History Edit

Eleg's has progressed much like our own world in terms of technology and not there have been no planet wide threats so far. However the inclusion of servants has shaped the world in big ways. There also exists a secret underground civilization in Eleg which is something that sets it apart.

Wildlife Edit

According to George M. Frost the wildlife on Eleg is mostly same as earths's but there are a few unearthly lifeforms that will pop up.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Eleg is derived from the word Elegy, a lament for the dead.