"It was at once acceptance and rejection: acceptance of one’s helplessness, and rejection of the notion that this helplessness should warrant quitting."
Stoker, inner monologue, discussing the required mental state
Emergence is the fastest but most dangerous and unreliable way to improve a Servant power.

Effect Edit

When a servant achieves emergence, they go in an instant to a greater level of power and faculty with their ability. There is no requirement that the servant practice or meditate like they would need to otherwise, although they must still understand the basic principles of the action they are trying to take like they would to use power gained any other way. Although the power is first gained to answer a specific need, the servant retains it afterword just as though they had learned through normal training.

Requirements Edit

In order to achieve emergence, a servant must be in a very specific state of mind. They must be so thoroughly outclassed that they can barely imagine victory, but still completely and utterly determined not to lose, or failing that to lose easily. This requires immense determination, as well a situation that they would not expect to survive. It also means that the more that a servant achieves emergence the harder it will be to have more because they will begin to expect emergence to get them out of dangerous situations, preventing the required hopelessness.

Limitations Edit

There are a number of limitations on the use of emergence to develop quickly. In addition to the nigh-impossibility of planned emergence, there is also the fact that it can only improve a hopeless situation so much, meaning that in order for a servant to make long term gains through emergence they must enter fights that are difficult enough that they do not expect to win even through emergence, but easy enough that by emergence they will be able to if not win then at least survive. These fights are further restricted by the need of a real enough stake to engender the required level of determination to achieve emergence.

Furthermore, no amount of emergence will have any effect on soul power, which develops at a set rate. This makes it possible for an older servant to block any action by a younger one through soul pressure, even if they have achieved enough emergence to match or exceed the older servant's actual servant power.

Despite all of these limitations, emergence is still a very influential force that a competent tactician must be able to plan for, since it can be the difference between victory and defeat in servants who are somewhat closely matched.