"The Rofal empire was a sinking ship, and its new captain didn’t give a shit, because he was a fucking shark."
Timothy Swank, inner monologue
Geoffrey Rofal was an aberration and the scion of the Rofal crime family.

Description Edit

Geoffrey was fairly young, and always wore tailored black suits and ties with black undershirts. He wore his dark hair cut and combed carefully.

Personality Edit

Like most aberrations, Geoffrey is cheerful, inquisitive and feels no remorse about killing. He has a fondness for taking pieces of corpses from those he kills to keep as souvenirs. He quite enjoys intimidating and unnerving people, and became extremely fond of talking to people with the bodies of people whose souls he had claimed due to their uncanny appearance.

History Edit

Geoffrey was created by Damian by the use of an unknown reaper, primarily for his own amusement. Damian forgot to tell his reaper Feromas about Geoffrey and then promptly forgot about his existence, leaving Geoffrey to grow up not knowing what he was. For the most part he is very similar to most aberrations, despite the fact that he was raised by normal humans who did not understand him.

Before the story Geoffrey killed a 10 year old child by dropping a brick on his head. Police Officer Mallory witnessed this and attempted to try him in court but Geoffrey was allowed to escape punishment due to his Uncle's influence. His uncle sent assassins after Mallory, killing him and his daughter both.

Geoffrey is first introduced to Colt after the serial murder at Brighton Hospital. Colt returns to Joseph Rofal for his reward when Geoffrey attempts to bond with the disgraced police officer over the subject of murder. To which Geoffrey admits that he took the hand of Melissa Mallory, Colt's previous victim, much to his dismay.

Geoffrey was killed by Hector at the end of the third oath, after transferring his soul to Hector's father and then killing most of the people at his school.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Geoffrey has the power of Domination. It allows him to consume human souls and gain control of their bodies similar to that of puppets. It was stated that he could have turned his thralls (or "fetchers", as he likes to call them) into increasingly monstrous forms had his power been allowed to grow further. Like all aberration powers, anyone Geoffrey kills using his power will make both his shadow and his power stronger.