Hahl Najir is one of the eight Sandlord families.

Leadership Edit

The family is headed by Asad. While he is not remarkably old or powerful compared with some other Sandlords he is strong for his age and is respected both for his power and for his ability to make friends.

Under his leadership, Hahl Najir has been the strongest proponent of a closer relationship with the Rainlords. He at one point tried to unify his family and the Elroys by marrying his son Midhat Najir to Zeff Elroy's daughter Emiliana, but Zeff refused force Emiliana to marry.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Asad Alive
Haqq Alive
Imas Alive
Jada Alive
Midhat Alive

Prominence Edit

Hahl Najir seems to be a fairly small family with a relative lack of influence. However, it is well respected in general and is not without military power. According to Haqq, he is on roughly equal footing as an inventor with Abbas Saqqaf, the oldest and most revered member of the Sandlords, and he contributed heavily to the design of the Combat Suit that Abbas used to defeat and capture Ivan.

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