"I am deeply sorry that Haqq is such an insufferable twat."
Haqq is a Sandlord of Hahl Najir.

Description Edit

Haqq wears glasses that magnify his yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Haqq is rude, stuck-up and self-centered. He seems to consider his craft to be the only thing that is important in life, and regards any imposition on time he would spend working as a personal affront.

However, he seems to be a decent person who ultimately does want to make the world a better place in the way that he does best. He is also highly intelligent and extremely competent in the use of his power. Though he has difficulty showing love, he expresses concern for those close to him by giving them useful items to help keep them safe.

History Edit

Haqq is the brother of Asad, and seems to get along with him better than with most people. People generally tend to like Asad better due to his making an effort to be likable, but Haqq does not seem to care what others think of him so long as they don't distract him from his work. Sazandara apparently would have preferred to have Asad and is somewhat disappointed that she ended up with Haqq instead.

When Hector met Haqq, he asked him to test whether his metal was really iron, which Haqq did grudgingly and then insulted him for having such an unremarkable ability. Sazandara demanded that he apologize for his rudeness, which he refused to do, pointing out that she had no way to punish him short of releasing him. Partly to prove him wrong, partly to punish him and partly as an apology to Hector and Garovel, Sazandara knocked Haqq out and then gave Hector his newest prototype, for a device that would grant the user the same passive soul defense as Abbas Saqqaf.

Power Edit

While Haqq's power, integration, is technically the same as that of about one sixth of all servants, he is extremely good at finding new uses for it. He has been on the cutting edge of several major breakthroughs in the use of integration. He is responsible for the invention of soul-defense-improving objects, and was the co-creator of Abbas' Combat Suit. According to Sazandara, even creating the amount of regenerating material in Hector's shield was an impressive feat, although this likely means that he was far less capable than Stasya Orlov, who was able to make substantial parts of an entire castle out of regenerating material.