"And such an incredibly weak soul. Troubled even by its own existence. Twice broken, now mending. Desperately reforging itself. And angry at its own workmanship. In dire search of purpose and fortitude. However, therein dwells supreme selflessness. And a curious strength in weakness. Almost indescribable. How strange, you are."
Hector Goffe is the main character of The Zombie Knight.

Description Edit

Hector is a teenaged black Atreyan. He is described as thin, with short black hair and somber brown eyes.

Personality Edit

He is extremely shy and has difficulty speaking with others, especially girls. His friendship with Garovel has helped somewhat in reducing his social anxiety, but he still has difficulty talking with most people, especially Lynnette, whom he has a crush on.

Hector is not above being snarky however. This is perhaps best displayed when he is with Garovel who he is not afraid to make fun of. He usually only presents this side of himself to Garovel.

Despite this, he is an extremely fearsome combatant who has frequently had a pivotal role in defeating foes much stronger than he is. He cares deeply about the people around him, and fights his hardest when other people are in immediate danger or he has seen his opponent kill before. He is generally motivated much more strongly by others' needs than by his own, to the point that Garovel has occasionally kept him from emotional collapse by telling him to find someone to help.

He is also, surprisingly, a very good liar. Despite having trouble with speaking, he is very good at crafting complex deceptions at a moment's notice and selling them well enough to convince even a highly skeptical mark to believe him.

History Edit

Due to a combination of social awkwardness and an incident that got two more popular students in trouble, Hector was a social pariah at school. This, combined with the lack of affection his parents showed him, drove him to suicide. He spent several months after resolving to kill himself hoping that someone would dissuade him, during which time Garovel noticed his Aura of Doom and began watching him. When he died, Garovel offered to make him a servant in exchange for promising to try to save innocents who were about to die, and he accepted.

Power and Abilities Edit

Hector has the power of iron materialization. Although he is less than a year old, he is fairly good at using his power to defeat or inconvenience servants much stronger than him. He has also achieved emergence several times, making his strength with his power on level with a servant several times his age.

While Hector is still not particularly powerful compared to most servants, he often makes up for it with creativity. He can use iron platforms to move around easily and restrict his enemies' movements. He has also learned how to impart velocity to his creations, but is still mastering the technique.

His power forms a peculiar foil for that of Karkash. By controlling magnetic fields Karkash is able to move Hector's iron around, but Hector is able to use iron lightning rods to redirect his lightning, forcing Karkash to remove them one by one.

Hector is also skilled at carpentry and smithing being able to make helms and suits of armor. He uses his skill and knowledge in this area to help his materialization particularly in the creation of armor. He is able to materialize a full set of armor in a minute or less.

Hector has recently acquired the ability to materialize the Magic Shield, whch is a titanium-steel allow reinforced by tungsten carbide. However, the shield can only materialize using his left hand, and he cannot materialize anything else with that side.

Immunity to Soul Pressure Intimidation Edit

In general, soul pressure does not just prevent servants from using their abilities. It also intimidates them and makes them more likely to offer information to the one exerting it. Hector seems to be immune to this effect, allowing him to do things like lie to Ivan.

Possessions Edit

Magic Shield Edit

Main article: Magic Shield

After a meeting with Haqq Najir, who was extremely rude to Hector and Garovel, Haqq's reaper Sazandara knocked Haqq unconscious and gave Hector a shield made by Haqq as an apology. She said that if Hector touched the shield with bare skin, he would gain passive soul defense equal to that Abbas Saqqaf at the cost of quickly tiring Garovel. As Hector's natural soul power increased, he would be able to safely use the shield for longer periods of time. Hector's shield is very strong and is capable of withstanding attacks from Melchor and multiple Abolish members.

Warrenhold Edit

Main article: Warrenhold

After the recapture of the city of Sescoria and Queen Helen's announcement clearing Hector's name, she made him a lord and offered him control of a castle. A similar offer was made to Roman, who turned her down because official acknowledgement would ruin his illegal connections. On advice from Voreese, Hector requested the castle Warrenhold, with a promise that Voreese would come to explain what was special about it.

The castle was created by a previous servant of voreese named Stasya Orlov and the structural center sections can regenerate. Built-in pest control makes everyone except servants feel uneasy but the effect can be countered through further understanding. In one of the lower towers, there is a deep pit that leads all the way down to the Undercrust.

Immunity to Soul Pressure Intimidation Edit

In general, soul pressure does not just prevent servants from using their abilities. It also intimidates them and makes them more likely to offer information to the one exerting it. Hector seems to be immune to this effect, allowing him to do things like lie to Ivan.

Relationships Edit

Garovel Edit

Garovel is Hector's reaper and his best friend. He is an extremely important person in Hector's life and not just because he is Hector link to life. Garovel helped break Hector out of his shell and finally make friends. Garovel cares about Hector a lot and is very patient with him. He rarely gets angry about his shyness, accepting it as a part of him, and instead tries to help him gently without forcing him.

Hector believes Garovel to be very wise. He always considers his advice and never just disregards him. Hector is also very comfortable with Garovel confiding in him with his secret and fears. He is also displays a joking nature with Garovel that he rarely displays with others.

Vanessa Goffe Edit

Vanessa is Hector's mother. She never showed Hector much attention - which contributed to Hector committing suicide at the age of 16. She later admitted that she had never loved Hector and always viewed him as a burden. She wanted to put Hector up for adoption but was stopped by Hector's father who was worried about how it would impact their reputation. She blames Hector for his father's death. However, Vanessa doesn't have any friends or family and with her husband dead Hector is the only significant relationship that she has.

Hector is aware of all of the above and still loves his mother - even though he has admitted that she is a terrible mother. He is determined to protect her, though they don't talk often.

Geoffrey Edit

Geoffrey is perhaps Hector's greatest enemy. He has caused Hector immense amount of pain both physical and emotional. Geoffrey considers himself and Hector to be arch-enemies. He repeatedly displays interest in Hector as his rival and enemy. He originally wanted to keep fighting Hector for a very long time but he knew that his grandfather would not approve. Geoffrey knew his grandfather would likely have wanted Hector dead and decided that if Hector was going to die it was going to be by his hand.

Hector however hates Geoffrey more than anyone in the world. Geoffrey has taken away Hector's friends and father. It is because of Geoffrey that his mother began to despise him and it was because of Geoffrey that he became a wanted felon. Geoffrey is still an open wound for Hector even months after his death. His actions have impacted Hector to this very day.

Colt Edit

Colt is Hector's enemy turned ally. Although originally Hector hated Colt for killing Melissa he eventually grew to not completely despise him after learning his motivations and more of his personality. However Hector still shows a certain apprehension about Colt. He has not forgotten that Colt murdered people even if he had a reason for it.

Colt respects Hector a lot. It was because of Hector that he was able to get his kids back and live a normal life with them. Colt was shown to be regretful when he yelled at Hector causing him to fall back in to old habits and just clam up. This shows Colt does care about Hector. He also displays worry when Hector continuously went out every night to fight crime with giving himself much time to rest.

Roman Fullister Edit

One of Hector's only friends and strongest allies Roman is the billionaire head of a thieving empire. A loyal Atreyan and a fellow servant Roman meets Hector when they both arrive at the capital and fight against Abolish together.

Roman helped Hector hide from the police after his father's death.