House Elroy is one of the ten Rainlord houses.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Zeff Alive
Joana Left
Mariana Deceased
Cisco Alive
Gema Left
Emiliana Captured
Marcos Alive
Ramira Alive
Agam Deceased

Devastation Edit

main article: Elroy Massacre

Hundreds of years before the start of the story, Gohvis was a friend of Agam Elroy, a member of House Elroy, and a mutation user with an unexplained connection to Gohvis. Air Marshal Artemis had mistakenly thought Gohvis was an Elroy, and out of concern that the family might produce more enemies of equal caliber, he arranged to have the family wiped out. Parson Miles was sent to carry out the orders, which he did by arranging for House Blackburn to be unable to protect the roads for a day while members of Abolish care to attack the Elroys. They were able to successfully kill all but Zeff, Joana and Axiolis.

When Artemis heard that there had been survivors who had identified their attackers, he become concerned that they would trace the conspiracy back to him, and decided to kill the Abolishers to prevent that. However, he arrived at their stronghold to find that Gohvis had already killed all of the attacking force and mounted their heads on spikes. Artemis escaped, but Gohvis spent several years tracking him down before meeting him again and killing him.

Influence Edit

Despite only having a few members, House Elroy enjoys a great deal of respect due to Zeff having the Divine power of Water Materialization.

Trivia Edit

  • Zeff and Mariana's wills have that in the event of their death Joana and her husband become the children's legal guardians according to a comment by Frost here.