Ismael Blackburn is a powerful servant and the head of House Blackburn.

Description Edit

Ismael chose to remain physically about 30 years old. However while he was forced to act against the Rainlords he became so haggard that it was difficult to tell.

Personality Edit

Ismael is naturally a kindhearted person who embodies all of the virtues associated with the Rainlords. He is also described as being a doting husband and father, although he was willing to punish Ibai if he felt that he had misbehaved. He was made miserable and angry by the way that Parson forced him to do things he did not approve of, but was ultimately loyal to his family first.

History Edit

When he discovered that his wife Nere seemed inexplicably infertile Ismael was distraught. He was then excited by the birth of Ibai despite his concerns when he discovered that he was an aberration. He and his family did their best to raise Ibai with the honor and steadfastness of a normal Rainlord despite his peculiarities, and they were mostly successful.

On two separate occasions Parson used Ibai to blackmail the Blackburn family, during the Elroy Massacre and during Parson's attack on the Rainlords. However, this leverage was removed when Ibai appeared during the Battle of Marshrock and Emiliana vouched that he was not the menace that most aberrations were.

Power Edit

Ismael's potassium transfiguration allows him to create lavender flames, which he seems to be able to fire using velocity. He is also able to use Pan-Forma, which makes him much harder to disable and allows him to use transfiguration much more often without running out of flesh.