Jamal Easton is a guardsman who volunteered to work for Hector when he was given control over Warrenhold.

Description Edit

Jamal is a tall black man.

Personality Edit

Jamal is very serious and respectful, and insists on calling Hector "sir" even if it makes him feel uncomfortable since he hopes that showing respect will make him easier for others to respect as well. He does not seem to be at all afraid of Hector, likely due to the fact that he knew from the beginning that he was trying to make the world a better place rather than hearing of him from the news first.

History Edit

For many years, Jamal had a correspondence with a woman named Jessica Paulson. He was always concerned that she seemed to attract abusive men, but was shocked when he heard that a man she had gone on a date with had attempted to murder her. Fortunately she was saved by a mysterious stranger who was, in fact, Hector on his first night out as a superhero. From there, he was able to draw the connection to the mysterious Darksteel Soldier and recognize the good intentions behind his actions.

When he heard that Hector had been publicly exonerated by the Queen and would be given a castle and retainers, Jamal jumped at the chance to work with him, although he was also motivated by a great deal of contempt for his fellow royal guards.