Joseph Rofal was the head of the Rofal crime syndicate.

Description Edit

Joseph Rofal had red and grey hair and a weathered face.

Personality Edit

Joseph was an astute businessman first and foremost. He was willing to do anything in order to get what he wanted, from manipulation to bribery to murder.

He was also highly ambitious, and was apparently interested in some kind of government office, which he would have spent a large sum of money on campaigning for if Hector had not taken it from his henchmen.

History Edit

Hector first found out about the Rofal family protecting a police officer from a group of thugs sent by the Rofals to kill him for trying to testify against Geoffrey in court for the murder of a child. He was unable to save the man, and when he later tried to protect his daughter from murder he was defeated by Colt. After that, Hector found through the help of Garovel that Joseph controlled Colt through his children. After that, Hector offered to help him get them back. During that mission, they encountered Joseph and Colt killed him.