The Magic Shield is a special shield created by Haqq, and was given to Hector by Haqq's reaper Sazandara, as an apology for Haqq's rudeness and a punishment for Haqq.

Design Edit

The shield is a heater shield, with a flat top and pointed bottom. It is built primarily out of an alloy containing titanium and steel, but there are four vertical bars of tungsten carbide, which were personally crafted by Haqq. The shield is completely unadorned and bears no marks except the dark lines of the tungsten carbide bars.

Material Edit

In addition to being made from extremely durable materials, the shield is also permanently soul strengthened by Abbas Saqqaf. Even if it is damaged despite this, it is also made to regenerate. Sazandara was extremely impressed with Haqq's creation of that much regenerating material, which somewhat amused Hector and Garovel who own a castle made of regenerating stone.

Soul Defense Enhancement Edit

Most notably, if a servant with less soul power than Abbas touches the shield with bare skin, it will cause them to gain soul defense equal to his, at the cost of causing intense pain to the servant and slowly harming their reaper. The older the servant using the shield, the longer they will be able to use it safely, but for a servant of Hector's age it is inadvisable to use for longer than six minutes.

History Edit

The shield was created as a test of the process Haqq invented to create a device to enhance the user's soul defense, and was a success. When Hector visited the Sandlords, he asked Haqq to test his metal to confirm that it was iron. Haqq became angry and belittled Hector's fairly unremarkable ability, and refused to apologize when Sazandara told him to. He asked Sazandara if she was going to release him just for being a jerk, at which point she decided to knock him out give away his prototype as punishment for Haqq and a peace offering to Hector and Garovel. SPOILER The shield was later destroyed, but Hector was granted the ability to materialize the shield in his left hand only (and only the shield) by Rasalased.