"Sacrifice is what it means to serve."
Mariana is the wife of Zeff Elroy.

Description Edit

Mariana has wavy black hair.

Personality Edit

Mariana is a serious and blunt woman. She does not sugarcoat her words even to her children. She is something of a cynic always believing the worst could happen which has made her rather paranoid. Preparation is extremely important to Mariana a lesson she teaches her children well, including firearms use and maintenance training.

History Edit

In her youth Mariana was a missionary for Cocora. She traveled around and tried to bring faith to people but eventually she lost her own after seeing so many atrocities. She met Shenado when she was 20 and later became a member of the Vanguard where she met Zeff. She was assigned to Juliana Salazar's command where she they were given a mission to aid the president of Vaeland. They were to hold the line untill Jackson came but when they got word that Gohvis was coming Juliana retreated, allowing Abolish to take root in Vaeland.

During Parson's attack on the Rainlords, she was approached by a group of Vanguard troops who claimed that she and her family were in danger but in fact wanted to capture her. Though she was able to defeat them, one attacked the house's panic room where she had ordered her the human retainers and family to hide, mortally wounding her son Marcos. After failing to save him by medical means and being unable to find a reaper in time, she asked Shenado to release her and take Marcos as her servant.

Power Edit

Mariana is highly capable in the use of guns and grenades. She uses them well in conjunction with her impressive destruction powers. Her path of destruction takes the shape of a triangle and she is good enough with her abilities to curve her path.