Nere is the lady of House Blackburn.

Description Edit

Nere has skinny arms and the youth of someone in their mid-thirties.

Personality Edit

Nere is impulsive and unpredictable. She was very distraught when she was incapable of having children. Her relationship with Ismael took a hit to the extent that they required marriage counseling. She was overjoyed when she finally managed to have Ibai however the child's circumstances caused her no end of worry. After Ismael's death and Ibai's disappearance Nere became a nervous wreck .

History Edit

Nere married Ismael two years after death of his parents. They tried for a child many times but were incapable. Nere and Ismael became distressed and their marriage became strained. However after some couple's counseling they were able to continue to be happy. Eventually they had Ibai and their happiness only got higher. However when they realized he was an Aberration as told by Parson they became worried. Parson used their worry to force the Blackburns to let Abolish in to Sair to massacre the Elroys.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nere is powerful servant capable of fighting on the same level as Asad and her husband. She is a destruction user and her ability is capable of destroying Haqq's shield.

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