Pan-Forma is a hyperstate.

Availability Edit

Pan-Forma can be used by servants with the mass abilities, Materialization and Transfiguration. It requires a moderate level of synchronization, seemingly somewhat less than Pan-Moc. It is generally used by most servants who are too young to use Pan-Rozum effectively or whose powers are not made much more useful by it.

Enhancements Edit

Pan forma grants three blanket enhancements, to durability, connectivity and regeneration.

  • Durability is the simplest enhancement, making the servant more resistant to damage and affording their creations some of the same benefit.
  • The enhancement to connectivity makes a servant more easily able to focus on their creations and their own body. It allows the servant to create objects that will regenerate like the servant and also allows the servant to continue functioning even when decapitated, as long as the reaper remains inside the servant's body and in hyperstate.
  • Enhanced regeneration allows the servant to regrow body parts so fast that the loss will barely inconvenience them, even when such a loss would make even a normal servant work around injuries while they recovered.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Pan-Moc, Pan-Forma provides strictly upgrades to the user's normal abilities, without allowing them to do anything fundamentally impossible for a servant with their power.
  • Pan-Forma is Polish for "Master Form".