Pan-Moc is a hyperstate.

Availability Edit

Pan-Moc is available to servants with the wave abilities, Alteration and Destruction. It seems to be the hardest of the three power-specific hyperstates, easier only than Pan-Rozum. It has been shown to appreciably tire a servant of about 20 years of age.

Enhancements Edit

Pan-Moc is by far the simplest of the four hyperstates, providing a boost only to raw power. This is means that in many ways the servant will be as strong as one much older, although no more skillful or well-trained.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Pan-Forma, Pan-Moc grants only enhancements to the user's existing abilities rather than heavily altering the function of their power.
  • Pan-Moc is Polish for " Master Power".

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