Pan-Wzrost is a hyperstate.

Availability Edit

Pan-Wzrost is available to servants with either of the two collision abilities, Mutation and Integration. It is by far the easiest of the four hyperstates to use. Even servants as young as Nola Pauls (who is estimated to be about five years old as a servant) are able to use it, as evidenced by Nola's Integration of complex materials.

Enhancements Edit

Unlike the other hyperstates, Pan-Wzrost does not grant a sustantial advantage when used in combat. Instead, it allows the servant to pemanently add new abilities to their repertoire. For Integrators, they may use Pan-Wzrost to gain access to new combinations, while Mutators gain access to new complex molecules. The exact process by which now powers are gained has not yet been revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • Pan-Wzrost is the only hyperstate to have a permanent effect on the user's ability.
  • Because every servant with Integration and every servant with mutation can use Pan-Wzrost, original powers are largely irrelevant, while choices in what materials to develop most heavily have a much larger effect on servants' long-term growth. However, base powers are still important at low levels and Pan-Wzrost may require some level of connection to an existing ability in order to gain a new one.
  • Pan-Wzrost is Polish for "Master Growth"