Ramira Elroy is the youngest child of Zeff and Mariana Elroy.

Description Edit

Ramira is a skinny and boyish girl with wild black hair.

Personality Edit

Ramira is very much a child. She is energetic and not very mature. Ramira does not often see the bigger picture and is not very considerate. She is willing to invade other people's privacy although much of that is because she does not know better. Ramira is very passionate about what she loves which includes spying and spiders. She can perk up immediately at either of those things.

History Edit

Ramira was first seen in story after Emiliana became Alex Belos' girlfriend. She spied on him and learned several facts about him which she shared with Marcos. Ramira was later at home when the Vanguard attacked her family and was there when her mother fought against Vanguard members and her brother died.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ramira is not yet a servant but is trained in the use of guns by her mother.

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