"They were good in a fight, I suppose. And their hearts were generally in the right place. And they were natural leaders. In those regards, at least, I’d say they weren’t entirely dissimilar to Zeff. But I certainly don’t think they were deserving of the fame and affection that history has afforded them."
Lluc and Marcelo Redwater were two famous Rainlords who both developed the rare power of Water Materialization at the same time.

Description Edit

Lluc always wore his hair longer while Marcelo wore his shorter to allow people to tell which of them was which. Other than that, the two were nearly identical.

Personality Edit

The twins had very similar personalities in addition to their similar appearances. Both were dedicated and honorable like most Rainlords, but also had strong temperamental and impulsive sides. According to Wendissofigelroc, nobody else ever knew what they were going to do next and they likely didn't either. Though they share the same power, they were in many ways the exact opposite of Zeff Elroy, the only current holder of the divine ability.

History Edit

Early in Rainlord history, the Mohssian Empire attempted to appoint a leader over the Rainlords known as the "Rain King". Whether he was a servant or a normal human is unknown. During his short tenure he did a number of things that greatly offended the Rainlords, including demanding unreasonable taxes and marrying multiple wives, including Rainlord women, often against their will.

The last straw came when he attempted to marry Lluc's eight-year-old daughter Nereida. Enraged, the two brothers declared independence on behalf of the Rainlords, led a rebellion known as the Redwater Uprising, and deposed and killed the Rain King. However, despite the fact that their actions ultimately began the series of rebellions that eventually toppled the Mohssian Empire, the Redwater Uprising itself was ultimately a failure. Both of the Twins and many of their allies were killed in a counterstrike that came to be known as the Day of Clear Sky.