The Redwater Uprising was the first of a series of revolts and uprisings that eventually toppled the Mohssian Empire.

Provocation Edit

In an attempt to assert their control over the Rainlords, the Mohssian government appointed a puppet to a special position called the Rain King who had absolute power over the Rainlords. He apparently went power-mad and began giving orders and instating policies that infuriated the Rainlords. These included taking multiple wives, a policy which the Rainlords considered taboo. Eventually, he tried to marry the eight-year-old daughter of Lluc Redwater, which he and his brother took as the last straw. While several of the wives he had taken were substantially younger than him, never had he tried to take one that much younger.

Early Victories Edit

The first act of the rebellion was to declare the Rainlords independent of Mohssian control and depose and kill the Rain King. In response the Empire declared war on the Rainlords and began to mobilize their forces against them. While the imperial military was in disarray, the Redwater twins were able to score a number of early victories against them. These showed other groups that had already been thinking about rebellion that the Empire was not invincible, and unrest began to develop throughout the Empire.

Defeat Edit

Though the Rainlords had done well early on, the larger and better organized Mohssian military had the clear advantage in the long run. When the Redwater twins heard that Mohssian forces were preparing for an assault against Red Lake, they decided that they would make a last stand there rather than fleeing to fight another day. This turned out to be a mistake, as the Rainlords suffered a crushing defeat that came to be known as the Day of Clear Sky. In a single day, Mohssian forces broke the back of the uprising, nearly exterminated House Redwater, and killed both of the Redwater Twins.

The devastation was as total as that of the Elroy Massacre, leaving the Redwater family almost depopulated. According to Octavia Redwater, the current leader of the family, standing their ground against the Mohssian Empire was the worst mistake that the Twins made. She commissioned a painting dedicated to the Day of Clear Sky as a reminder to her family that letting pride and recklessness cloud their judgement had brought the family to the edge of ruin.

Legacy Edit

Despite its futility from a military perspective, the Redwater Uprising did succeed in embarrassing the Empire. This set off a series of revolts that came from too many places at once for the Empire to crush with the same power and finality that they did the Redwaters, which eventually pushed them over the brink to collapse. Had they not chosen to fight, it is possible that the Mohssian Empire would still exist even to the present day.

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