"I’m Roman. And you fuckers aren’t welcome in my country."
Roman Fullister is a servant and friend of Hector.

Description Edit

Roman wears glasses, which he cannot see well enough to drive without.

Personality Edit

Roman is lively, energetic and good-natured. While he prefers to look out for himself if possible, he is loyal to the nation of Atreya first and foremost. While he has a well-funded crime network and a lot of underworld ties he steals mainly from the rich and avoids hurting anyone whenever possible. He and his reaper insult each other constantly, but have mainly good things to say where the other can't hear.

History Edit

Born and raised in Walton, Atreya. Roman was first killed in a failed heist against someone who in his words "Didn't need those diamonds anyway", and was taken as a servant by Voreese in exchange for a promise that he would do his best to make the world a better place. It was his and Voreese's hope that he could become strong enough to affect societal change and fight problems like institutionalized poverty as well as taking on Abolish and other dangerous servants.

When a group of criminal servants he was a member of called the Pancake House Five heard about Queen Helen's assassination and resurrection, they decided to send Roman to help her find the perpetrators so that blame would not go to the criminal element and provoke crackdowns. When he saw abolish agents trying to kill the queen, he attacked them and helped the queen (along with Hector and Lynn) to escape.

Powers and abilities Edit

Roman has the ability to control particle vibrations. This power has a number of useful applications, such as creating flames, attacking enemies with shockwaves, flight, and eavesdropping outside of a normal hearing range.

Resources Edit

Almost as useful as Roman's own power is his immense wealth. He can finance large operations using only his personal funds, and he has a vast network of boltholes throughout Atreya, which proved useful when Abolish took over the country and they had need of supplies and bases of operation which would be hard to track.