Sand materialization is a special ability available only to Sandlords. It currently exists in the person of Asad.

Power Edit

Unlike most materialization powers, sand materialization does not create a single element, but rather silicon dioxide, the compound comprising sand and glass. Aside from being a compound and only being available to the Sandlords, it behaves exactly like any other materialization ability. It is one of only two known special abilities, Rainlords' water materialization being the other.

Misconceptions Edit

The power of sand had and to a lesser degree still has a lot of the same misconceptions within Sandlord culture as rain did and does for the Rainlords. Servants who developed the power were assumed to be wise, benevolent, noble, natural leaders, and powerful beyond their years. This led many to narcissism or powerlust and often got them killed.

Shards of Rasalased Edit

Rasalased had the power of sand materialization when he was alive, and the Shards of Rasalased will only work if there lives another servant with the same power of a suitable level. Why this defense exists is unknown, since any servant wishing to use the shards would need to be judged by Rasalased first to determine their worthiness.

War of Three Sands Edit

At one point in Sandlord history, despite the immense rarity of the divine power it was manifested in three Sandlord children during a single year. Behind each of these children a faction formed, and in time each became convinced that the others would make a power grab until tension became preparation and preparation became war. In the end, each faction ended up in control of some of the shards.