Sanko is a Field Marshal of the Vanguard.

Description Edit

Sanko wears a metal mask that covers her face. When using her power, she does not have a set form or composition, instead taking on the material of the ground around her.

Personality Edit

Sanko is stern and humorless, but she is also extremely reasonable and does not jump to conclusions. She takes her duties to the Vanguard very seriously.

History Edit

When word came to Vanguard of Parson's attack on the Rainlords, Sanko was dispatched to investigate. Parson accused the Rainlords of treason and when she demanded that they submit to an investigation they refused, citing Parson's untrustworthiness as a Vanguard agent. She then attacked the Rainlords, but managed to win the fight without killing any of them, and then launched the investigation and took all of the Vanguard troops back to a secure location for interrogation.

She was apparently present during the fight between Sermung and the unnamed Aberration who became the most powerful yet. She mentioned as much when Octavia Redwater tried to threaten her with a sword made of its bone.

Power and Abilities Edit

Normally, Integration is considered a near-useless power in combat, better suited to making powerful artifacts for use by more combat-capable Servants. However, Sanko breaks this rule by using Pan-Rozum. She has developed her repertoire to allow Integration with more or less any type of dirt or stone. When she uses her power, she can expand her consciousness to turn the entire landscape around her enemies into parts of her own body. She can then use her velocity states to move the ground and attack.

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