Sazandara is the reaper of Haqq Najir.

Personality Edit

Sazandara is polite, friendly and helpful, in direct contrast to her servant. She is frequently forced to apologize for Haqq's brusque treatment of others. She mentioned once that she actually wished she could have had Asad as her servant, but got saddled with his brother instead.

History Edit

When Hector and Lynnette went to meet Haqq so that Lynnette could learn more about her shadow, Hector asked Haqq to check whether his metal was iron. Haqq confirmed just from looking at it that it was indeed iron but Garovel asked him to check more thoroughly, which Sazandara convinced him to do as a gesture of friendliness.

When they asked him about it later, Haqq confirmed again that it was iron and became angry with Garovel for wasting his time, belittling Hector for having an "embodiment of mediocrity and tedium" for a power. Sazandara demanded that he apologize, and Haqq refused, saying that he stood by what he had said and that the only thing that Sazandara could do to punish him was release him. Both to apologize and to prove Haqq wrong, Sazandara knocked him out and then asked another servant managing a vault to give Hector the prototype that Haqq had been working on. When he said that Haqq would be upset to lose it she replied that that was the point.