Servant Chart

Servant Chart

Servant powers are abilities that servants develop as they age. Each servant will develop exactly one ability, from one of the six basic types: Materialization, Transfiguration, Alteration, Destruction, Integration and Mutation. A power's strength can be increased by three methods. Meditation and training are slower but safe and guaranteed to work. Emergence is unpredictable but gives larger jumps in power.

Materialization Edit

Materialization allows a servant to create a specific element from nothing and destroy objects that they materialized. As the level of control over a materialization increases, the servant will be able to materialize larger amounts of material, materialize objects at longer range, more precisely control the shape of materialized objects, and even create objects moving or at extreme temperature. Materialization does not allow a servant to change the temperature or velocity of materialized objects, but annihilating sections of an object and materializing more can create the same effect.

Both known special abilities are considered materialization and allow the materialization of a single specific compound of two elements. They are the Sandlord power of silicon dioxide (glass) and the Rainlord power of dihydrogen monoxide (water). Whether either of these powers can create other compounds involving their two elements has not been revealed.

Known users:

Name: Element:
Asad Compound: silicon + oxygen
Hector Iron
Lawrence Radium
Zeff Compound: hydrogen + oxygen
Abel Sebolt Unknown metal
Andres Sulfur
Conall Aluminum
Davin Echer Unknown silvery metal
Fidel Blackburn Copper
Horatio Unknown
Jada Plutonium
Joana Chromium
Silvia Blackburn Cesium
Socorro Garza Platinum

Transfiguration Edit

Transfiguration also affects a specific element, but rather than allowing the servant to create their element from nothing they can instead turn sections of their body into their element. because they do not need to set the location and velocity, it is much easier for a servant with Transfiguration to control their element chemically and materialize it at high or low temperatures. Combined with soul-strengthening, this allows servants to use several powerful attacks based on normally harmless chemical reactions. Transfiguration also seems to come with a certain degree of chemical control after the time of use, such as accelerating or slowing specific reactions. When in Pan-Rozum, transfiguration and materialization behave identically, distinguished only by element. Because transfiguration works within the servant's own body exlusively, where a servant's own soul always has power, it is the only power that can never be suppressed by enemy Soul power.

Known users:

Name: Element:
Cisco Fluorine
Desmond Sodium
Diego Nitrogen
Helen Calcium
Ismael Potassium
Melchor Mercury
Parson Oxygen
Stoker Hydrogen
Adam Leroy Unknown
Dunstan Krypton
Moss Chlorine
Sabas Blackburn Titanium
Salvador Cobalt
Xuan Phosphorus
Octavia Magnesium

Alteration Edit

Alteration affects some force or type of energy, such as gravity, the weak nuclear force or light. Its abilities are generally dynamic and powerful but prone to weaknesses to other abilities. In a general sense, many reapers consider alteration to be desirable and the most powerful type of ability.

Known users:

Name: Form:
Dimas Gravitation
Harper Visible light
Ivan Weak interaction
Jercash Brain waves?
Karkash Electromagnetic fields
Roman Particle vibrations
Charlie Day Radio waves
Rayen Merlo Ultraviolet light

Destruction Edit

Destruction fires a pulse of distorted space in a geometric shape along a path. Anything caught in the so-called path of destruction will be torn apart by the expansion of space within the path which stretches material beyond its structural limits and completely destroys it. Destruction is generally considered the least versatile ability, but it is also generally the most likely to win in any contest of raw power, and it is also extremely dangerous when used in Pan-Rozum. It's use is not only extremely offensive but defensive as well. Destruction users can just obliterate any attack that is coming towards them. It is also unusual in that it is the only power whose form is almost purely academic, since any servant with destruction can put holes in the same things and the shape of those holes is rarely relevant.

Known users:

Name: Shape:
Caster Unknown
Colt Rhombus
Tessa Unknown
Mariana Isosceles triangle
Nere Unknown
Hanjir Pentagon
Oscar Murray Unknown
Randall Pierce Octagon

Integration Edit

Integration allows for the fusion of disparate objects into a single whole, with properties of the original materials. It initially allows for the fusion of only two elements, but with the use of the hyper-state Pan-Wzrost it is possible to gain permanent access to new elements. Integration is also used in the making of several notable objects such as soul nets.

Unlike the other abilities, Integration is often seen as unsuitable for combat applications because it can only be used at touch range, but it makes up for this deficiency in support utility, and it is the only power that can be used to construct objects useful to most servants, although any servant can become old and powerful enough to use permanent soul-strengthening. It can also be used in combat if the user is old enough to use Pan-Rozum, allowing the user to fuse with surrounding objects and create a massive form with no weak points, similar to a user of mass Pan-Rozum.

Known users:

Name: Form:
Stasya Orlov

Mutation Edit

Mutation allows the servant to permanently alter their body. Unlike most actions taken with a power, mutation cannot be reversed by regeneration or death and resurrection. Also unlike most powers, if not used regularly Mutation will occasionally affect a specific body part in a way that can be controlled but not prevented by the servant. For a long time Mutation was widely believed to be a disease that a servant might suffer from that would prevent the development of a power, rather than a power in its own right. Mutation is fairly rare among servants and many who develop it are either written off and immediately released by their reapers or make irreversible mistakes with their powers and cause enough harm to themselves that they ask to be released. However, Mutation also has incredible versatility because it can be used to do anything that is physiologically possible, and those results can be supported by soul power and regeneration. For this reason, it is sometimes known as "the anything power". Every mutation user has a set number of horns that determines what traits they will have predisposition towards. For example, two horns indicate predisposition towards mammalian traits, three horns for reptilian traits, seven horns for avian traits, ten for amphibian traits, thirteen for arachnid traits.

Known users:

Name: Traits:
Gohvis Reptilian
Germal Unknown
Koh Mammalian?
Emiliana Nocturnal?

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