Sescoria is the capitol city of Atreya.

Abolish Occupation Edit

When Desmond Grantier arrived in Atreya with Moss, his first act was to attempt to seize control of the capitol building and force Queen Helen to declare war on Rendon. However, he was foiled the the unexpected appearance of Hector Goffe and Roman Fullister, who allowed the Queen to escape along with Lynnette. At this time, Desmond seized the capitol, took everyone currently inside prisoner including King William Belgrant and called for reinforcements. The castle, and the rest of Sescoria, remained under their control as a base of operations for as long as they remained in the country.

Kidnapping of King William Edit

Hector and Garovel came to the realization that with her husband captive Queen Helen might not be willing to attack the Abolishers. When they heard of the planned destruction of Harold, they saw an opportunity to free the King while simultaneously sabotaging their attempts at warmongering. Most of the servants in the country had to leave in order to destroy the town quickly enough that nothing could go wrong while simultaneously preventing any survivors or reports outside their control from countering their claims. This left the castle largely undefended, and Hector and Lynn chose that time to attack.

They were able to recover the King while evacuating a reasonable number of other humans and fending off the attacks of Andres Geth and Desmond Grantier, but they were able to call in backup, and Karkash arrived before they were able to escape. During the ensuing battle, Karkash was able to break through Lynn's shadow with a soul empowered lightning bolt, severely injuring her. Shortly after, Hector managed to successfully disengage and carry Lynn to safety.

Recapture Edit

There was never a battle explicitly to recapture the capitol. Instead, the power of the task force was destroyed in the Battle of Rathmore's Gate, leaving all but Karkash, Desmond and possibly Tessa dead and forcing the survivors from the country. This left the capitol undefended and allowed Helen and her allies to retake it using only her own authority.

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