Stoker was a member of Dozer Abolish who tried to desert with his reaper.

Appearance Edit

Stoker is fairly tall and has a swirling tattoo covering half of his face.

Personality Edit

Stoker is fairly quiet and reserved. He personally never believed in the doctrine of Abolish but was always too afraid of being released to do anything but pay lip service to their religion. He was happy when Nize defected but very concerned about being hunted down and killed after leaving, a fear which turned out to be justified.

History Edit

Stoker was originally made a servant of Abolish by Dozer simply because it seemed to amuse him. He was a child of a noble family in a war-torn country who was forced to leave and was eventually found by Abolish. He spent two years pretending to believe in Abolish doctrine before Nize defected and tried to leave with him.

When he tried to leave Atreya with Nize, Karkash intercepted him and explained that he had known for a while that they were traitors. Hector then arrived and stopped Karkash's first lightning strike because he did not want the innocents that would have been caught in the crossfire to die. After a long battle, Stoker eventually managed to kill Nize and left Hector and Colt to deal with the zombie Stoker.

Power Edit

Stoker's hydrogen transfiguration power is remarkably versatile. He can create dense fog filled with his soul to obscure both normal and reaper line of sight. He can also create explosions and use attacks based to very cold liquid hydrogen that can instantly freeze a servant's head if they land. After a round of emergence during the fight with Karkash, he developed the ability to use explosions like a jetpack to fly.