The traitor Vanguard is an unofficial name for a small group of subversives operating within the Vanguard.

Leadership Edit

The traitors are led by General "Iceheart" Lamont, but according to Parson, he founded the group by proxy. Little is known about Lamont, and it is uncertain whether Parson was telling the truth

Motivation Edit

The primary objective of the traitors is to break up the organization of the Vanguard, which they believe is run poorly enough that it has become a detriment to the fight against Abolish rather than an asset. Whenever possible, they try to convince groups allied with Vanguard to leave, either by directly convincing them that the Vanguard has become ineffective or by alienating them ostensibly on behalf of the Vanguard.

Members Edit

Name: Status:
Lamont Alive
Artemis Deceased
Parson Miles Alive
Xavier Lawrence Alive