Troas are a currency used in Atreya.

Use Edit

Troas are the standard currency of Atreya. Considering Atreya's relative unimportance, it is likely that they are not the primary currency anywhere except in Atreya.

Value Edit

According to Frost the spending value of one Troa seems to be more that of the US Dollar or Euro.The sum of 70,000 Troas that Hector stole from the Rofal Syndicate was treated as a lot of money for one individual, and was implied to be enough to have paid for the required campaigning and bribes to earn Joseph Rofal a position in some kind of government office. The entire Atreyan Treasury apparently contained about two hundred billion Troas.

Paper Money Edit

A one-troa note is blue and white and has a picture of King Martinus I, Helen Belgrant's great grandfather. None of the other bills have yet been described.