The Vahgrakaanas, or Vagrant Lords are a small group of defectors from both Abolish and the Vanguard.

Membership Edit

The Vahgrakaanas were composed, when the were last mentioned, of five servants of moderate age, power, and fame and all defectors from either Abolish or Vanguard. Juliana Salazar intended to become the sixth member, and was later confirmed to have joined. She tried to convince Mariana to go with her when she went to join them, but Mariana refused. Salazar did specifically say that the offer was still open if she ever changed her mind, however.

Agenda Edit

Little is known about the Vagrant Lords' plans beyond that they intend to become a faction on the same level as the ones led by the emperors. Judging from the fact that Salazar seemed to still believe in the Vanguard's ideals if not its leadership, it is likely that they intend to protect innocent humans from groups like Abolish.

Salazar appeared a while after leaving to join them, apparently seeking an audience with Sai-hee, although her reasons are unknown.

Policy Edit

According the Salazar, the Vahgrakaanas offer more freedom than the other major factions. She says that that is a major reason for her interest in joining, because she knew that if she joined with Sai-hee's faction she still wouldn't be able to do what she wanted to.

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