William Belgrant is the king of Atreya and husband of Queen Helen.

Description Edit

King William has blond hair and a beard. He is also conspicuously missing his left arm, which was torn off by Desmond.

Personality Edit

William is a kind and compassionate man, who worked as a paramedic in he younger years. He can also be extremely stubborn, especially when he feels that he can protect others by refusing to give ground. According to Osmere, he refused to sign any orders from the Atreya task force until Desmond tore his arm off.

He also seems to deeply love Queen Helen, although he was unhappy with the marriage initially.

History Edit

When William was younger, he fell in love with a commoner. However, his family disapproved and arranged a marriage with the then-princess Helen Lumenbel. He was unhappy with the marriage, but went through with it anyway and eventually came to love Helen dearly.

When Abolish took Sescoria, Helen fled without having time to evacuate the castle, allowing William to be taken captive along with everyone else in the castle. He was then kept as a figurehead, appearing before the media and signing Abolish orders under threat of torture. When he defied them, Desmond tore his left arm off, and later had him tell the media that it had become infected and needed amputated.

When most of the task force was sent to destroy the town of Harold, Hector made an announcement that he was going to destroy the town himself and then attacked the capitol building. He was able to free William, although Lynnette was injured in the fight.